Our Vision

A proportional distribution of gender, culture, and background throughout the different hierarchical roles. A distribution of tasks based on skills. Equal payment and promotion effort for equal roles.


Our Mission

Generate thoughtful conversation about gender and cultural gaps while providing tools and a safe environment to achieve gender equity. 

  • Provide a supportive environment and a workplace atmosphere free of bias
  • Build a strong network of faculty and support career advancement by creating discussion and providing resources
  • Increase the visibility of scientists from all backgrounds, and motivate & empower younger generations




The education subcommittee is dedicated to increasing access to educational opportunities for people from underrepresented backgrounds in STEM.

For more info, go to our Education page or contact Paulita Lara: pslaramejia@mgh.harvard.edu


Social Media:

The social Media Team promotes WiS actions and highlights amazing humans in STEM, through social media platform (Instagram and Twitter) and our website.

Contact Tori Turpin: tturpin@mgh.harvard.edu