Spring 2019

  • 03/14: Barriers to Women in Science

Speakers: Maria Mody and Emma Boyd

Maria Mody is a Principal Investigator and Assistant Professor of Radiology at the MGH Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging. She has a PhD in Speech and Hearing Sciences and works at the intersection of speech and language deficits in autism and dyslexia using neuroimaging (MRI/DTI/MEG). More recently her research has been probing molecular and genetic mechanisms to inform potential interventions in neurodevelopmental disabilities. She is also the editor of a new book on the Neural Mechanisms of Language (2017; NY:Springer).

Emma Boyd is the Chair of the Women in Science Seminar Series (WiS) and a Research Technician in the Laboratory for Computational Neuroimaging (LCN). Emma founded WiS in early 2018 and is involved in all aspects of event planning and defining the future direction for this series. As part of LCN, Emma acquires, processes and analyzes ex vivo and in vivo brain MRI data for a variety of projects. She also assists with the testing, development, and teaching of FreeSurfer, a neuroimaging software tool developed by LCN.

Description: The first step to solving any problem is understanding what it is. Based on feedback gathered over past Women in Science events, we see a need to address some of the common barriers that women in science face in order to inform our collective understanding. In this lecture we will discuss the following: what obstacles stand in the way of women in science fields attaining professional success? What do members of CNY perceive to be obstacles to women in science? What can we do about them? All are encouraged to attend regardless of gender identity!


  • 03/21: How to respond to Sexism in the Moment

Speakers: Mariko Dodson and staff from Boston Mobilization

Description: In this workshop we will explore sexism as a system of oppression using experimental education. How have our lives been shaped by our identities? What role do power and privilege play in the workplace? How do you envision a world shaped along lines of gender-based justice? What could a world free of sexism look like? We will introduce different methods used by educators and activists for interrupting and re-directing moments of sexism and racism toward the world we want to live in. Real-life examples of sexist behavior will be discussed. Whether you are a female looking for ways to respond (verbally or behaviorally) to sexist behavior or microaggressions, or whether you are a male looking for resources to support your female colleagues.


  • 04/01: Viewing of “RGB” Documentary (Ruth Bader Ginsburg)

Description:  The Women in Science series will be showing the documentary ‘RBG’ detailing the life and career of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court and the second female justice (of four) to be confirmed. At the end of the film (6:30pm) we will have an optional 15-30 minutes for discussion. Snacks and beverages will be provided, but feel free to bring snacks of your preference.

All are encouraged to attend regardless of gender!


  • 04/18: Discussion for Men: How to be an Ally

Speakers: Emma Boyd, Andrew Lithen, Kelsey Biddle

Description: The Women in Science team invites all men of the Martinos Center to join us for our next session, “Discussion for Men: How to be an Ally.” Allies are men that take on active roles in promoting gender equality within our community. We take initiative in recognizing the barriers that women often face in social life and the workplace as well as the privileges we often take for granted. We actively use our privilege to promote gender equality and inclusion in our daily lives. Please join us in exploring how you can be an ally and help contribute to a strong, inclusive environment at the Martinos Center and the community at large. We will discuss how to identify inequality, engage in creating change, and encourage others to also take responsibility. Coffee and cookies will be provided, feel free to bring your lunch!


  • 05/06: Postcard Party

Description: Please consider stopping by Conference Room A next Monday, the 6th, anytime between 12:30pm-2pm for postcards and chocolate-covered strawberries. The Women in Science team will have themed postcards that you can write a message on and we will mail or deliver for you. Take this time to show your gratitude and support for a women in science in your life – this could be a current or past mentor, colleague, lab member, etc. We hope to see you there!


  • 05/21: Imposter Syndrome


  • 06/06: Advocacy Day