International Women’s Day 2023

Thank you all for stopping by our table and celebrating all women at the Center and around the world!!!

During the event, we distributed postcards for people to write to women, family members, friends and mentors they wanted to thank which we collected and mailed. Here is the tally of the postcards we collected:

  • 11 were mailed to the US (4 to MA, 2 to NY, 2 to CA, 1 to OH, 1 to KY and 1 to FL)
  • 16 were mailed internationally
    • 6 to China
    • 4 to Turkey
    • 3 to Greece
    • 2 to Germany
    • 1 to Kazakhstan


At our photo booth, we asked people to share messages with the community, starting with the statement: “I will help forge women’s equality by”. We wanted to share them with all of you.

“… Providing opportunities to advance careers and have voices heard!”

“… Supporting each other all the time & encouraging them to pursue whatever they want!!”

“… Uplifting and providing a safe space for my female peers!”

“… Supporting trans and gender nonconforming women and people.”

“… Supporting other women and inspiring young girls to do anything!”

“… Promoting whenever I can.”

“… Becoming an advocate, listening, supporting and helping towards true equality in our society! Happy International Women’s Day!”

“… Supporting + celebrating my women colleagues!”

“… Speaking up and LOUDLY.”

“… Keep dreaming and fighting for it!!”

“… Continuing to be present in room where Black women are not often found and encouraging Black women and girls to pursue their dreams, particularly in STEM!”

“… Creating more opportunities for young next-generation women scientists!!”

“… Amplifying voices.”


Finally, enjoy our photo gallery of the event!!