We wanted to draw your attention to some handy financial resources that are aimed towards empowering women to learn more about financial planning and the unique challenges we face when it comes to money. Checkout a list of recommended resources below and feel free to post more recommendations if you have them!
  • ATTEND: Fidelity is hosting a free series called “Women Talk Money” over the few weeks. Sign up here to attend.
  • LISTEN: We highly recommend this unique podcast called “She Makes Money Moves” which you can find on google, Spotify and apple podcasts. This looks into some very real stories of women and their financial struggles and most importantly, how they overcame those challenges.
  • READ: We also recommend the book “Broke Millenial” as a great read for learning more about the unique financial challenges younger generations today are facing. It’s a fresh approach to what can sometimes be a very dry topic! The book is available as an audiobook or online.
  • BENEFITS: Finally, did you know that Fidelity offers us free one-on-one retirement consultations? Navigate here to book your free consultation before end of December 2020.
    • As an MGH employee with a Professional Staff appointment, you have additional benefits available to you. By taking advantage of MGPO’s Financial Planning Program, you can have a portion of your financial planning consultation reimbursed. Search your emails for information that was sent around yesterday related to this program.
Please let us know if you have any recommendations to share with the community!